The Best Places to Get Car Repair Manuals

Car Repair ManualsIt is no secret that sending one’s car to the shop for even the simplest repairs can be pricey.  Anyone who owns a car can attest that getting a technician to help repair one’s automobile requires a significant amount of cash, an amount that most people do not have.  This is why it is not surprising that most people would choose to work on their own vehicle than seek professional help.

It is important to note that sometimes professional help is not necessary, even if there are repairs to be made.  Individuals can fix their cars themselves with the help of car repair manuals.  The manuals are not difficult to find, as these are available in many different places.  The best part is that they can even be obtained for free.


In this digital age, bookstores remain a reliable source for all kinds of reference materials.  Since car repair manuals are reference materials, anyone hoping to repair a vehicle is most likely to find what they are looking for in a bookstore.  Nonetheless, visiting the nearest Barnes and Noble or an independent bookshop may not be such a good idea.  People looking for the aforementioned manuals are better off visiting bookstores that specialize in automobiles.  These establishments may be rare, but they are worth finding.  Believe it or not, there are some stores that sell only factory repair manuals, and these are a car owner’s gold mine.


While there are still many people who favor getting what they need from brick and mortar establishments, others prefer to shop conveniently, and the Internet truly offers much convenience.  Instead of having to leave their homes to go search for auto repair manuals, all the people need to do is switch on their computers and make good use of their Internet access.  Just like the specialty bookshops, the Internet is also a gold mine.  Its main advantage is that it makes the search for the manuals much easier.

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to skip the bookstore visit and still get the car repair manuals from the bookstore.  Some booksellers offer their extensive inventory through their online stores, allowing more people to view their selection without actually dropping by the establishment.  One of these booksellers is Books4cars.  Through the business’s website, a customer can check out the 40,000 references available.  The Books4cars’s selection includes not only repair manuals for cars, but also for trucks and motorcycles.

As great as these online booksellers are, many car enthusiasts opt to find their repair manuals from two well-known online sources: Haynes and Chilton.  These names may sound unfamiliar to most people, but to those who truly love automobiles, these are practically household names.

Both Haynes and Chilton allow individuals to work on DIY repair jobs by providing the easy-to-read (and easy-to-follow) manuals.  The car repair manuals from these sources all come complete with illustrations as well as step-by-step instructions.  Similar as they seem, Haynes and Chilton are actually quite different.  For instance, Haynes manuals are the better choice for beginners in DIY repairs.  Novices would benefit from the Haynes references because these were created based on instances where expert technicians make use of basic tools to address auto problems.  Haynes repair manuals mostly cover standard mechanical auto repairs.

As for Chilton, their car repair manuals can be used by both newbies and seasoned technicians, though they also cover the standard mechanical auto repairs discussed in Haynes’ auto repair references.  Chilton also provides more accurate information as well as more details in their manuals.

Unfortunately, both Haynes and Chilton cannot offer help beyond the basic mechanical auto problems.  One would have to find other auto repair manuals for car issues that fall into other categories.

People who are interested to do repairs with the help of manuals from either Haynes or Chilton need to pay because the manuals do not come for free.  A fee may be required, but the amount is still much less than what one has to pay for professional repair.  However, those who want free car repair manuals can check out and  These are only two of the websites that offer auto repair manuals free of charge.

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